Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Time for the very big hat.

Day 8 with Efudix cream .... It's now starting to happen - with a vengeance! Skin is inflamed and "sun-spots" are very highlighted and sensitive to the touch. It's starting to look like my social life will be somewhat subdued over the next month as I hide under a very big had in my darkened bedroom.

This morning I also had stitches removed from an excised solar keratosis - relieved to hear that it was determined to be benign. Following that I had a lovely luncheon at the Salvo's Community Centre.

Last night I attended a volunteer recruiting session at Steamtown and I'm seriously thinking about taking on some curatorial work in their museum section. This could be combined with my uni studies on Heritage Studies. Further discussions are in train - excuse the pun! :)

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