Friday, 26 November 2010

Face has finally fallen off!

Day 24. Big Ouch! I've had enough and it hurts! I think I have reached the end stage of Efudix treatment although doctor wanted me to go to Day 28.

She did add a caveat however ...  "until your skin begins to ulcerate" and I've been there for a few days now - peeling, cracking , stinging pain, bleeding and oozing. There's basically no skin left on my forehead. After a sleepless night I went to the pharmacy and bought the healing ointment; a cortison-based cream called Sigmacort. I'll have a bout two months worth of this treatment left and all should be well. I really hope the pain starts to diminish ...
Please tell your kids to wear hats, sunscreen etc etc - I count myself lucky at this stage with just benign solar keratoses - melanoma is not good.

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Di said...

Finally - revelation of your alien origin coming through the skin?