Wednesday, 3 November 2010

The Great Excoriation

Today I begin the process of atoning for the sins of my youth. The delightfully free growing-up days on the beach every summer before skin cancer was invented are now to cause grief, pain and embarrassment.

For the next month, or best part thereof, I will be complying with my doctor's instructions and submitting to the inflammation, putrefaction and eventual exfoliation of half my face.

I have been prescribed a topical cream called Efudix which should cleanse my forehead of numerous and sometimes hidden lesions which, if left unattended, could turn cancerous.

Over the next four weeks my skin will pass though various stages of the dying process in which it will become reddened, sore, itchy, painful and eventually blister to form horrible seeping pustules. A period of desiccation and crustification for two months follows after which my face will apparently revivify, losing its gathered scabbiness, and eventually transform to become as smooth as a baby's bottom!

I'll post photos of my visage at various stages with appropriate comments. I am definitely not looking forward to either the forthcoming holiday social season or summer's bright sun - I will be avoiding both.

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Australian Satirist said...

Thanks for reminding me to wear sunscreen!