Wednesday, 20 January 2010

A bit of Zen from a Friend called Diane

A hermit renowned for his wisdom laying dying in his cave. everyone came from the country round about and climbed the narrow winding path towards the cave. There wasn't enough room for them all, and so a very long queue formed, waiting breathlessly to learn what the master's last words would be at the moment of his final enlightenment. A buzz began, and the word started passing, "The Master says God is like a big fish....' People passed the word and puzzled over it. Then one young monk, a bit too independent, said 'Rubbish. God isn't a fish.' Up the mountain the word was relayed, and the master heard it repeated in scandalised tones at the cave-mouth. He raised himself on one elbow, smiled and said, "O.K. So God's not a big fish.' and then he lay down, still smiling, and died.

Thursday, 7 January 2010

I just found the follow me button

Could someone be a follower please? ... it's lonely here (see button up on left)

Time to start over ... again!

I've been renovating the kitchen, slowly, and was distracted by a headache and headcold. So with coffee in hand I browsed the net and followed some Quaker blogs. Some people are very gracious in sharing not only their own stories but also friendship and care. So I've re-started my humble blog and open to whatever happens.

At present I am in that in-between space of recovery from personal crisis and new horizons. Life in many ways is reasonably settled but unsettled, if you understand. I am forced to reconsider my inner journey, spirituality and life-directions.

I have befriended the Black Dog of depression who has been my companion for almost the last six years. Four months ago I stopped taking medication, under doctor's supervision and have survived till now with lots of up & downs, but nothing so bad as to require a return to the previous drug-induced flatness and death of spirit. I celebrate that victory ... but quietly.